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NPO Validations

Why go through the validation?

We conduct independent reviews of Civil Society Organisations so that donors can make informed decisions about their giving and social investments.

We are pleased to have over 300 validated Civil Society Organisations nationwide on our database.

Our newly launched platform, Validate4Good, is now live. Click here to find out more about becoming validated so that you can be eligible for more local and international funding.

Code of Governance

Advocasy & Lobbying

The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa was launched in 2012.

The Code is the first of its kind to be collectively developed by non-profits themselves, and the first that can be applied to the whole sector.

The Independent Code represents a statement of values and principles to which all NPOs in South Africa are invited and encouraged to subscribe. The code does not constitute an official document, nor is it imposed by law. However, it does make provision for a formal written commitment to its core values and principles of good governance.

Join us as we embark on a
journey towards a brighter future.

NPO Tools

Case Studies

Enabling Social Good with Legal Representation

CAF Southern Africa and LegalWise have come together to empower people in need.

Empowering Young People in South Africa

CAF Southern Africa has partnered with the US Embassy to assist with alleviating unemployment in South Africa.

Listed NPOS

We have over 300 validated Civil Society Organisations on our database and, with our extensive local and international experience, we specialise in coordinating volunteering initiatives, for as few as five to as many as 200 volunteers.

Here is how we can assist you with your Employee Volunteering:

1. Design and implement customised volunteering programmes.

2. Develop tools to market, manage and monitor your volunteering


3. Match company resources to the real needs of communities.

4. Perform due diligence checks on beneficiary organisations to ensure volunteers’ contributions are properly invested.

5. Document the volunteering events and, as far as possible, the return on investment (ROI) and social impact.

Employee volunteering is one of the most effective ways of enabling a company to mobilise its most valuable assets – its people. By volunteering their time and skills (physically or virtually), employees are investing in a meaningful way towards the growth of the economy, and, most importantly, by addressing some of the socio-economic challenges faced by communities.

Companies that encourage and support Employee Volunteering benefit in a number of ways:

1. Enhanced Corporate Citizenship reputation (this is proven to have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line).

2. Volunteering can be added to social responsibility reporting and B- BBEE scorecard calculations.

3. Improved attraction and retention of quality staff morale, teamwork and innovation and social cohesion of your company and staff.

4. Employees who volunteer gain:

Personal fulfilment, service to the community and active citizenship.

Skills development and teamwork opportunities.

Improved knowledge of social issues and interaction across social and economic divides.

5. NGOs and CBOs benefit from properly managed resources through:

Additional resources.

Coaching, mentoring

Business skills

6. Relationships of care and concern

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